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David Fisher - DF1

The Stud

Hi, my name is David Fisher.

 I live in East Kilbride, Scotland. In the old website I wrote how I changed my stud from normals to red eyes using my best normals to create a more modern red eye, this I continued with for a few years with some very good results I started to miss not being able to enter more classes at shows so back to the drawing board. About 3 years ago I managed to source some of my old blood and when my friend in Hull was selling up due to ill health. I went to him and bought a few pairs, while there I realised that I had known Gary for a number of years, but, associated him as the Dairy Coats Stud and my stud name being Kilbryde we didn't realise that we already new each other.

I used Gary's birds together for one season and bred what is now known as the modern budgie, Gary then came back in the next year and like me got some of his old bloodline back that year I crossed Gary's birds with mine and was happy with results the only problem being the appearance of double buff, "all very well you may say" but I started to notice feather problems appearing.

Gary came up and visited me bringing some cocks from his line and we swapped, he taking some of my hens, our idea was to try and produce a intermediate feathered bird but still try to retain some degree of directional blow on the head, we didn't expect it to work overnight but to our delight we bred some birds that had what we were looking for.

Talking one night on the phone, we both thought that combining the studs might be the way forward so we are now partners showing as Fisher and Shepherdson.

We both use only a maximum of 12 cages each for our breeding team and are more motivated with a nice balanced bird than numbers bred, we're not sure how these birds will do on the show bench against the heavier feathered birds, but,  what we do know is that they will be show fit for longer periods.

I have posted some of our birds on here, these are birds we have  shown this year on the EBF (Exhibition Budgerigar Forum) weekly competitions and are very pleased with results I will try and update throughout the show season.


East Kilbride